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Experience and Expertise
I started working with wood at an early age,and in Highschool built furniture.I went on to study woodworking at NIU in Dekalb Illinois.It was there I began building Guitars.I have had my own instrument repair business for the last 20 years.I noticed how difficult a warped neck made setting up a guitar early on,so I began using different approaches to fix them.I have been successfully fixing warped necks for 15 years and have perfected a proven method refered to as a "heat treatment"

We have been helping folks out in the North Texas area for many years and saw the need to expand as this service is just not being offered in enough places and is the single most important thing you can do to improve your instrument.

Warped necks account for most serious playing issues and most people have given up on these guitars,as few people no how to do an effective heat treatment to fix them.I have asked many a luthier how they handle a warped neck and was suprised to find out they don't even offer a heat treatment.Most of them suggest a refret which involves planing the fingerboard to remove the warp,which is unnecessary.Of the few who were familiar with this process most shyed away from attempting this repair because of the potential to burn the finish or otherwise mess it up.This process takes much care and experience to do right,but the reward is incredible.

Once the neck warp has been correctedI your guitar will finally play as it was intended the day it was made.I have brought hundreds guitars back from the dead and look forward to many more to be resurrected.